We have 5 major parties a year; Valentines party, St. Patty's party, a Hawaiian Luau that includes a workshop by a guest professional instructor, a Christmas party and New Year's Eve party. These are held at the Marlin in Garden City with the exception of the New Year's Eve Party. The New Year's Eve Party is held in various locations and is catered. The other parties include our "Annual Reunion" when we celebrate the older shaggers who are no longer active members of the club. In addition, we also have a Halloween party and a 50's Sock Hop with our DJ playing 45rpm records. These are held at the VFW.

A few times a year, the South Strand Shag Club rents a bus and travels to other cities like Charleston or Florence for "mixers" with other Shag clubs. These are fun events and opportunities to socialize and dance with new partners. In turn, those clubs travel to Murrells Inlet and dance at the VFW with SSSC members.

SOS is huge in the Shag community and SSSC members are no different. Our members can always be found on the crowded dance floors in everyone's favourite dance venues. Generally, we follow our favorite DJ's. In recent years SSSC has thrown parties at Pirate Cove's rooftop bar with our own DJ's and catered food. We have also sponsored floats in the SOS parades.